Additional Constructions :

  1. Air or water-cooled units of flake ice production, with a capability from 200 kg to 20 tons.
  2. Milk stations central or autonomous entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  3. Coolers for the control of fluid qualities.
  4. Room dehumidification appliances.
  5. Hydro cooling units.
  6. Water coolers for the bread making industry.
  7. Central chilled glycol cooling units.
  8. Any kind of stainless steel construction.
  9. Freezers suitable for the cold storage of pastries, meat products, fish, pizzas etc. They are simple to run and easy to handle.
  10. Machines for the glazing of fish.
All the special constructions are made only upon request.

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Additional Constructions
Νέα 12/2008

Munters Humidity control Unit for industrial facilities (HCU) provides operators the ability to control temperature and humidity independently !
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Νέα 12/2008

Participation in the 20th International Exhibition for Food, Beverages, Machinery and Equipment, DETROP '09, from 6-9/03/2009, pavilion 2 stand 16.